Tuesday, July 21, 2020

How we can make ecommerce/shopping site online

You think make ecommerce or we can say shopping websites is a hard job then you are wrong it is very easy to make it. There are many method to make a ecommerce/shopping website but in this post i will tell you how you can make it with wordpess.

Ecommerce/Shopping with wordpress

After you buy a hosting and domain and install wordpress on it then you need to do very simple steps 
go to customize theme and choose a ecommerce or a shopping website theme which you can search and download it some themes are - Easy Commerce, Ecommerce Gem, WP Store and ShoppingCart etc . More are available you can search and choose you theme after selection of theme apply it and in every shopping or ecommerce theme you will get a plugin named woocommerce which will help you to make shopping site . after applying theme we need to setup woocommerce.
To set up woocommerce you need to see tutorial on youtube because I cant explain it in the post it can be properly explain only in video so go on youtube a watch a tutorial to setup woocommerce.

Be Careful of Hackers

If I talk about wordpress then there is a problem in wordpress it is not secured means wordpress sites can be very easily been hacked by hackers so you will think why to use wordpress then. Wait there is a method throw which you can make your site secure and prevent it to be hacked basically all wordpress site admin login page can be access by adding wp-admin in domain and you will be redirect to admin login page and that's the which make your wordpress site unsecured to make it secure you need to add a plugin so that you can change your admin login page and no one can even access admin page.

Go to plugin section click add new now search  loginpress and install the plugin and setup. Actually this plugin change your admin login page and make site secure. 

Tips For Startup In e commerce website

You should always take care of your customer as he will only tell other person about your website and a bad impression can cause a lose for you. Now a days payment method is also a important thing so you should try to give more and more payment method so that customer would  fell safe and easy to make payment and this also give a good impression. Not only payment method you should also give quality product, everyone want quality product with best price so try for the same.This was some tips there are more factors which will help you success in e commerce or online shopping business. You should go and search on google for more tips.

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

How to create your own android app without coding

In todays post I will tell you how to make android app without coding . So to creating a app without code you have to signup on a website called kodular there are more website but i will talk about them later so now get started and talk about kodular. 


It is great site if you want to make app without coding. First of all you need to create a account on it and after that create a new project and when you done that you got so many tool to make your app and design it. There are 2 section Design and Block where you need to code. Now you will say but you have told that we can make app without code yea thats true here you do not need to write code here you need to arrange blocks so that app can perform task you want. As you are a beginner so you may see it some what confusing but as you give some time to it you will start understanding it. If you want that you understand everything then watch tutorial available on youtube and make small project be careful do not start making big project when may give you a trouble and you need to stop that project which will waste your time so start with small projects.


If I talk about pricing of kodular then its free totally free no hidden fee is charged and advanced component are provided for free but you need to compromise how, if you monetize your  app with admob or any other ad network component given in kodular then kodular will take some percent of profit from it but how much percent that i cant tell you because it may change so you can check it on official kodular website.

More Features

Here you get live testing also you can test your app on phone with kodular companion app on playstore. not only that you do not get any branding on your app of kodular by default you get a about section where kodular branding is there but that can be removed easlly. kodular get update many times so you get more features and smooth experience. There is a extension section where you can add custom component created by any other person which is not available in kodular and you can use app of other person to make your app like i have create an app and i have exported its aia file and you have imported to your project you will get my full build app and you can customize it as you want so this is a nice feature.  


  • free of cost
  • advance component 
  • premium look 
  • no kodular branding


  • keep comission from your app monitization
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