Saturday, May 23, 2020

How To Play PC Games on Android With Cloud Gaming

In this world all most every one want to play games on there pc or android even some have buyed gaming
consoles like xbox, playstation, nintendo switch . Every one likes games but every one can not have pc or gaming consoles but almost every one have a smart phone and there are many games available for android but comparison to pc games and android games pc is upwards as pc have more powerful processors rams or i can say pc is powerful than android which is factor which keep pc upward in gaming comparison to android but in this post i will tell you how can you play pc games on android with help of cloud gaming so lets first of all lets see what is cloud gaming .


Cloud Gaming is a method with help of which you can play games easily without downloading or installing a particular games on your hardware or pc . Cloud gaming do not requires any high end specification of your device . Basically cloud gaming work on principal of streaming , a person plays game on the hardware which is called server which is owned by a company . The game is installed on the server and client get access to server to play games without using clients device to process game . Cloud Gaming is  option if you have low specification device because with help of cloud gaming you can even play high end or high system requirement games on your device . As pc is more powerful then android so games which are developed for pc can not bee runned on  android but many old pc games are available on play store for android because they where developed at the time when pc where not so powerful , thats a reason old pc games can be runned on android . So now lets know how can we play a pc games on andoid with help of cloud gaming.


There is a cloud gaming application for android gloud games . In my opinion it is a best and free app for cloud gaming comparison to other cloud gaming apps for android. Gloud games work on queue system when you play a game use are a number in queue and when you you reach at number one they your game will be started and every day once you get free fast pass with help of which you can skip waiting and start game immediately by watch 5 video ads.  Actually every one get 60 min free game time means you can use 30 min in any game for ex 5min you can play one game 5 min in any other or you can use all 30 mins in one game only.


For sign up in gloud games you need to click on login option located on bottom right as below-
After clicking on that scroll down and click bind account then enter your email verify it and create password and you are done you account on gloud games is created now you can enjoy playing games.


To play games go to home or categories option or you can search and find the game you want to play and click on start game then you will be added in a queue and will be given a number in queue and when you number in queue will decrease as other user who had started game before you will get chance first to play so number in queue will decrease when you will reach number 1 then you will able to play game . Below are the images which explains as I told above 
Select your game and click start
As you can see I have given a number in a queue.

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