Monday, May 18, 2020

How To Make Your Own Blog Website For Free

If you want to make your own blog website then you are at correct post . In this post i will tell you to make your blog website with no cost . So if you new on website and like our posts then subscribe to our newsletter to get information of our latest post i will post in future.


Blog is a regularly updated website or a web page and which is typically run by an individual or a small group , that is written in informal or conversational style . In other word we can say Blog is a online daily, story or creations sharing website or web page.


There are 2 website which help you to make your own blog website 1. Blogger  and 2. Wordpress . 
You are a beginner to blog website development so Blogger is best and totally free of cost option for you . If you want to make a professional blog website then wordpress is for you because of its theme and plugins your website get a professional look but there you need wordpress hosting and need to buy a domain but blogger provide a free domain for ex - " " and here you also get theme option and there are many premium blogger theme available which give it a nice look . But what to choose? .  It have been 2 years since i am in blog website field and buy researching i found that wordpress website are less secure than blogger , wordpress website can been hacked by blogger is a product or website of google a world famous and trusted company so all you website created on blogger are very much secure . So you should go for blogger . 


To make website with blogger to blogger website by searching  .
Step 1 -visite  and you will see some thing like that -

Step 2 - Click on sign in 

Step 3 - Now select or sign in your google account with which you want to start making your blog website 

Step 4 - click create blog button on top left side

Step 5 - now enter blog title and address means free domain as i have entered you can enter you blog name an check is it available and select theme
Step 6 - you blog is created and now you can make pages of you blog from page section, customize theme from theme section , create and publish post from post section and you get stats option to get your blog detail and comment section to see peoples comments  and layout option to config widget available in your theme and last setting option to change some default setting of your blog website.

now your blog is created to customize your blog i will leave a video link below . I have viewed many videos but video which i think is good for you is  below you can view it here.-

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